Hotel Večernice
Hotel Večernice ***
Modrokamenná 150
542 25 Janské Lázně

tel./fax: +420 499 775 021

Hotel Večernice ***

The Hotel Večernice (Evening Star) is situated above the town of Janské Lázně (John´s Spa) and under the foot of a mountain called Černá hora (Black Mountain) close by downhill slopes and tourist paths in the national preserve of the Krkonoše Mountains (The Giant Mountains).

There is a car parking available for the hotel guest right by the hotel. The hotel offers accommodation in 14 double rooms, rooms for 3 and 4 persons as well as a restaurant with the capacity of 62 seats.

Summer attractions

Summer attractions include downhill rides on a scooter or bicycle from the Černá hora mountain (you can get up to Černá hora by funicular or lift and then go on a superb downhill ride while going past the Večernice Hotel) as well as splendid paths for cyclists and footpaths for hikers.


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